Intact Forest Landscapes Data Download

The world's IFL map is a spatial database (scale 1:1,000,000) that shows the extent of the intact forest landscapes (IFL) for year 2000 and 2013. From this website you can download the world's IFL map in ESRI Shape (.shp) and Google Earth KMZ (.kmz) formats. GIS capable software or earth browsers such as Google Earth / ArcGIS Explorer will be required to view these files.

Provided IFL data are available for use for valid scientific, conservation, and educational purposes as long as proper citations are used. We ask that you credit the IFL data as follows: Potapov P., Yaroshenko A., Turubanova S., Dubinin M., Laestadius L., Thies C., Aksenov D., Egorov A., Yesipova Y., Glushkov I., Karpachevskiy M., Kostikova A., Manisha A., Tsybikova E., Zhuravleva I. 2008. Mapping the World's Intact Forest Landscapes by Remote Sensing. Ecology and Society, 13 (2)


Google Earth KML Format

The ESRI SHAPE format is a data-type used in many Geographic Information Systems software packages (ArcGIS, ArcView, etc). If you do not have professional GIS software you can use freeware GIS viewers like ArcReader or ArcGIS Explorer. ArcReader and ArcGIS Explorer are free, easy-to-use mapping applications that allows users to view, explore, and print maps.

Download IFL for year 2000          (147 MB)

Download IFL for year 2013          (148 MB)

Download IFL loss dataset            (223 MB)

Download forest zone extent        (37 MB)

Data description        (PDF)

The KML format is used by Google Earth. To use KMZ files you need to install Google Earth on your computer. Use the link below to open network-based IFL map file in Google Earth. Currently, only reduced resolution data is provided. This map could be used for overview only. Please, use data in GIS format (ESRI SHAPE) for overlays and analysis.

Open the World's IFL 2000 map in Google Earth

The IFL Mapping Team is continuing to improve the IFL base map and to provide periodically updates as new data, technologies, and more sophisticated sources of information appears. Please, check our News & Updates section regularly for the information about latest updates of the dataset. Previous (outdated) versions of global IFL map available here.

Global IFL map circa year 2000 v 1.0 (2006): Download ESRI SHAPE file (93 MB)

Global IFL map circa year 2000 v 2.0 (2012): Download ESRI SHAPE file (126 MB)

If you have any problems with data access, please contact project coordinators.

News & Updates

IFL 2000-2013-2016 monitoring results are available for download

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